Premios Nacionales de Tecnología S XXI

Autodesk University #AU2020

Architectural visualization in real environments

COVID-Free spaces through the use of generative design

Point Clouds as an off site data source

Opportunities to come out stronger as professionals. Training from my living room

Centralization of libraries for collaborative use

BIM models as information centralizers for sale/rent of properties and spaces

Uses of a model and its information for citizen management health centers and hospitals

The role of the architect. Looking to the future

Use of collaborative platforms – pre and post COVID-19

What the new home office will look like

BIM del presente y BIM del futuro

Spaces redistribution in post-COVID19 residences

How the COVID-19 will change our homes?

BIM 360 Design

Reasons for digitizing a city

5 + 1 Aplicaciones de Revit en la nube

Automation, truthfulness and data control in the construction process